Mary Ann StewartI’m Mary Ann Stewart, owner of Music in Motion, a music education and gift catalog for all ages. I was a piano teacher for many years, and I have travelled the world gathering products for our catalog to help other music educators out there. I hope that our website and this blog will be a useful resource for you.

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  1. I would like to know if these operas are shown in any of the theaters in Ann Arbor, Michigan and in Sarasota, Florida.
    Do you have an email list, if so, I would like to be on it, since I heard excellent reviews of these operas and would like to watch some of them.

  2. Say Mary,
    I Paint MMusic … thought you might like to see something new in the mmusic world of visuals… I invite and welcome you to visit the webpage submitted.



  3. MMS, I just watched your fascinating MMusic art. Please keep up the good work! What an innovative exploration of art and music. In our catalog we have encouraged the use of art in teaching music (and vice versa!).

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