B.B. King Sings the One Shoe Blues

Well, I woke up this morning. Couldn’t find my shoe. . .”image

We all get the blues, and we all lose our shoes. How universal is that! Humorist Sandra Boynton’s One Shoe Blues book and DVD stars B.B. King, his faithful guitar “Lucille,” and the Singing Sock Puppets. What a fun and funny intro to the blues (as well as an musical antidote to the old lost shoe syndrome)!  After all, singing the blues is about coping with things gone wrong, and even kids get the blues and must learn to cope. (In fact, mommas get the blues even worse–especially when kids lose their shoes—so this is for them too.)

And what a novel format in Boynton’s latest creation and her first foray into film directing: One Shoe Blues is a hardcover storybook with sheet music included, plus a 15-min. DVD. All you need to add are kids, with their own stray socks if they want to sing along, with or without shoes. As Boynton puts it, One Shoe Blues is “For people of all ages and most shoe sizes.”

Teaching Tips:

1. Define and discuss the “blues.” Where did this type of music originate? What kinds of feelings are expressed in the blues? Why do people find comfort in “singing the blues”? Ask kids what types of situations give them “the blues”.  Ask the group to create their own “blues” song or poem based on their personal experiences.

2.  Another idea is for kids to make up new rhyming verses  to the tune of One Shoe Blues, substituting other lost objects, such as hat, coat, or homework, for example.

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