Orchestras at risk from loss of IRA Charitable Rollover

I am passing on this urgent alert I received today from the League of American  Orchestras:

Act TODAY to Extend the IRA Charitable Rollover

December 7, 2009, Washington, D.C. – Please contact your members of Congress TODAY! An important incentive to charitable giving is in jeopardy as 2009 quickly comes to a close. If Congress does not act before the end of this year, the IRA Charitable Rollover provision will expire on December 31. The IRA Rollover spurs new and increased giving to orchestras and thousands of other nonprofit organizations.

The House is scheduled to vote Wednesday, December 9 on extending a number of tax provisions. It is essential that your member of the House and Senators hear from you before Wednesday. Once the House completes action, the Senate will need to move rapidly to clear the extension before the IRA Rollover expires.

In this tough economy, every incentive for charitable giving is essential to supporting America’s nonprofit community. More than 30% of financial support for orchestras is derived from charitable giving. Without this support, public access to the arts would be greatly diminished. The IRA Rollover provision, which allows donors to make tax-free charitable contributions directly from their Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA), was enacted in August 2006, expired in December 2007, and was reinstated in 2008.

The League has prepared an easy-to-use advocacy tool for your use, linked below. Please be sure to personalize the sample message with information about your orchestra. Thank you!

Contact Your Members of Congress Today!

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