Star Wars goes from classical film to classical music

C3PO with Luke Skywalker. From the Associated Press.
C3PO with Luke Skywalker. From the Associated Press.

Now this sounds like fun: a classical concert built around the music of Star Wars, complete with costumes, scenes from the movie, and commentary by Anthony Daniels, who played  C3PO. From the article:

Featuring an 86-piece orchestra, a chorus of 80 singers, and selections from the six film scores Academy Award-winning composer John Williams wrote for the “Star Wars” movies, this sci-fi musical event also includes scenes from the films, a laser show and Daniels narrating the saga.

The event also includes an exhibit of “Star Wars” props, production artwork, behind the scenes videos and and costumes, including C-3PO. The exhibit features many classic fan favorite artifacts, as well as several new and never-before-seen items, including blasters and helmets from Coruscant, Tatooine and other iconic “Star Wars” locations.

There is a complete Darth Vader outfit, a hornlike headdress Natalie Portman wore as Princess Amidala as well as Chewbacca, Yoda and Boba Fett costumes.

“Star Wars: In Concert” plays the St. Pete Times Forum at 4 p.m. Sunday. And, yes, a lot of “Star Wars” fans come in costume.

“If we get one young person at each concert to appreciate orchestral music, well, then it’s worth it,” says Daniels.

See the full article and if you live in Tampa, Florida, get your tickets here! This is a touring show, so watch for the Star Wars tour to come to your city.

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