THE BACH PROJECT: Documentary Film by Michael Lawrence

Though it is now in post-production, you can preview some of the unedited film clips of musicians, scholars, writers and others involved in the project, including a research scientist involved in MRI  scans of  the active musical brain. Even Glenn Gould and Rosalyn Tureck take part in the project posthumously, thanks to their estates. Film should be available in Summer 2009.

Click to watch clips of the following:

Bobby McFerrin


Joshua Bell


Ward Swingle

Swingle Singers

Dr. Charles Limb M.D.

MRI brain/music researcher

Emerson String Quartet

Richard Stoltzman


Peter Schickele

(P.D.Q. Bach)

Philip Glass

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  1. Hi : The world premiere screenings at Symphony Space were amazing in many ways. The size of the audience at each screening was beyond expectation and what an experience to view the film with audiences for the very first time. Spontaneous applause broke out several times during the screenings and the end applause was long and enthusiastic. Of course I was preaching to the choir but the people really seemed to like the movie.

    Mike Hawley served as host and the live Bach playing after each screening created a wonderful Bach celebration. Zuill Bailey, Simone Dinnerstein, Gene Drucker, Richard Stoltzman, John Bayless, Matt Haimovitz and Hilda Huang all played some Bach (see video below). Hilda just won a major award in Germany – the youngest and the first American to win at Wurzburg.

    Richard Saul Wurman (creator of TED and EG) was an honored guest. He was the person most responsible for the film being made. It felt like close friends gathering together for a very special party.

    Yesterday, I received an email from Patty Gessner. She is the former director of marketing for the San Francisco Symphony and now executive producer for the San Francisco Classical Voice.

    Patty has set a date for the San Francisco premiere of BACH & friends on July 14th at the Sundance Cinema Kabuki Theater – a great follow up to the New York premiere at Symphony Space.

    This event will be a fund raising screening for SFCV – an essential classical music hub for the Bay. I will be attending and hope to have one or two players from the film join me for this West Coast premiere.

    Peabody will sponsor the Baltimore premiere at the Charles Theater in the Fall.

    Great Performances is considering the film for a PBS broadcast and Anya Grundmann at NPR Music has requested a DVD. Apple’s iTunes store is considering streaming the documentary thanks to Mike Hawley’s friendship with Steve Jobs.

    Hope you might consider reviewing the DVD that I sent you.

    Warmest regards,

    Mike Lawrence

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