10 budget-saving tips for music classes

Here are 10 budget-saving tips & specials:

  1. Sign up for our free newsletter Music in Motion Notions, to receive email discount coupons, specials, & new product info, plus the latest in music education news
  2. Save on green specials and quantity discounts throughout the catalog
  3. Save 50% or more on our web specials & closeouts
  4. Swap or sell instruments and materials you no longer use for resources you need: free postings at www.musicmotion.com (coming soon!)
  5. Sign our Declaration of Music & the Arts on our website to encourage support for the arts, and get a free poster with your online order
  6. See fundraising opportunities on our website. Link to Music in Motion from your school or music organization’s website, and with every online purchase generated earn cash or merchandise credit to support your music program. (coming soon!)
  7. Request information on other Music in Motion fundraising opportunities, like hosting your own sales booth at school concerts and events. (coming soon!)
  8. Follow us on Twitter for product updates, sales coupons, & more
  9. Apply for a Music in Motion Butterfly Award to receive up to $1,000 in support of worthy music projects.
  10. FREE SHIPPING on prepaid domestic orders over $250.

Have fun on your musical treasure hunt!

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